$155.00 per glove.  New for 2015; my own line of "DeHass" gloves.  High quality, customized mitts, that are available in 12".  Inquire about your desired webbing; trapeze, or carmona.  I have only two 13" outfield mitts left. 

Follow Up Maintenance:  Gloves should last a lifetime.  Any DeHass glove purchased, will receive repairs, tightening, and conditioning for life.  Try getting any of the major manufacturers to match that customer service.

High Quality:  All mitts will be pre-tightened before purchase, and the black lace can be altered to the color of your choice.  Stylish protective cover over the index finger to prevent injury.  My personal logo, with a 'raised' letter patch.  12" mitts are black, and have the crown back welting in white, with two web designs to choose from.  All gloves are made with premium U.S. Kip leather.

​$175.00 per glove.  Need an ice-breaker?  Let this

glove assist your gospel presentation.  Glove pictured is

relaced with Mizuno 'two tone', black & red lace.  #AmenBrother

Gospel Gloves

DeHass Gloves

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