$155.00 per glove.  New for 2015; my own line of "DeHass" gloves.  High quality, customized mitts, that are available in 12".  Inquire about your desired webbing; trapeze, or carmona.  I have only two 13" outfield mitts left. 

Follow Up Maintenance:  Gloves should last a lifetime.  Any DeHass glove purchased, will receive repairs, tightening, and conditioning for life.  Try getting any of the major manufacturers to match that customer service.

High Quality:  All mitts will be pre-tightened before purchase, and the black lace can be altered to the color of your choice.  Stylish protective cover over the index finger to prevent injury.  My personal logo, with a 'raised' letter patch.  12" mitts are black, and have the crown back welting in white, with two web designs to choose from.  All gloves are made with premium U.S. Kip leather.

DeHass Gloves

$10 ~ TightGlove.com TShirts

Gospel Gloves


​$175.00 per glove.  Need an ice-breaker?  Let this

glove assist your gospel presentation.  Glove pictured is

relaced with Mizuno 'two tone', black & red lace.  #AmenBrother