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Repair, Tightening, & Conditioning.

     The majority of our calls involve baseball glove repair, and complete relace, in any color.  This is much appreciated, but rarely do we get a call, "I need my glove tightened".  This is a call from a player that fully understands the value of a tightened mitt.

     The novice Little Leaguer wants to flat out, make the catch.  They want an extremely broke in, loose mitt, to execute a time consuming, catch & craddle in the webbing.  Most of this is predicated by inexpierience, or the fear of sting upon impact.  The advanced player understands that getting the energy out of ball, and simultaneously transferring into the throwing hand, equates to outs. 

     Pulling slack out of the glove, thru the process of tightening, will define the pocket, make the glove stiffer, and the transfer just got quicker because the player is one with his/her mitt.  The glove should look like a relaxed hand, not a flat folded egg omelet.  Every tenth of a second is worth 3 feet on the basepaths.  Do it 3 tenths quicker?  That's 9 feet, and that banger at 1st base, just became an easy call for the umpire. 

     So, the undervalued, misunderstood, tightening makes a difference.  The routine catch has less 'ball rattle', it just sticks clean, and those errors vanish.  We include free tightening, and conditioning with each repair / relace.  In most cases, it's considered an afterthought, but it's the single most important application to improving the performance of the glove.